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Separation Agreement Template + FREE Income & Expenses Form

Separation Agreement Template + FREE Income & Expenses Form This Separation Agreement is an agreement made between the two parties after the breakdown of their marriage or civil partnership.

The Agreement covers child residence and contact, maintenance of spouse or civil partner and any children, and division of capital assets including money, the family home and any other property, contents of the home, insurance policies and pension rights (which are often the most valuable asset a couple have) and any family company.

It also covers obtaining the divorce, and occupation and sale or transfer of the family home. The Agreement may be temporary to tide the parties over until the Court makes a final order or until some other event, or it may be long-term and the intention may be to ask the Court to make it into a Consent Order, which gives it the full force of a Court Order which may not be breached without serious consequences.


Separation Agreement Key Features:

Written by an experienced solicitor Marriage break up
Schedule of income assets and liabilities Civil partnership break up

This agreement contains the following clauses:

1. Separate and apart
2. Children - residence and contact
3. Obtaining divorce
4. Finance - clean break
5. Court to dismiss all claims
6. Lump sum payment
7. Lump sum paid by instalments
8. Maintenance
9. Additional maintenance
10. Child maintenance
11. Additional child maintenance
12. Terminating events
13. Variation of agreement for maintenance
14. Death of one party
15. Occupation of family home
16. Substitution of property
17. Transfer of family home
18. Release from mortgage
19. Sale of family home
20. Transfer of family company
21. Life insurance policy
22. Assignment of life policy
23. Pension provision
24. Agreement to leave by will
25. Contents of family home
26. Other assets
27. Credit cards
Separation Agreement Template + FREE Income & Expenses Form in word format


This Separation Agreement Template + FREE Income & Expenses Form document is available for instant download in a Microsoft WordTM format that is editable.


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