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Simplify your separation with a formal Separation Agreement

The Separation Agreement is essential when trying to sort out arrangements around children, money and housing.
At the time of separating and possibly leading to a divorce you will have gone through an emotional rollercoaster of how your relationship has broken down, and once this reality has set in there are a number of practical issues that need to be sorted through with your partner or ex partner.

Separation Documents

Separation Agreement
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Our agreement covers your main concerns, plus more...

children arrangements The children (if any) - where they will live, access arrangements, child maintenance, birthday arrangements etc.

financial arrangements Finances - you may have joint bank accounts, a mortgage, pension plan, maintenance, life insurance, debts etc.

living arrangements Living arrangements - living in the family home, selling the family home and splitting the equity.

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Not only is this an emotional time, a separation or divorce is an expensive time too. Our separation documents have been drawn by an experienced solicitor who has over 25 years experience in family law, in the past you would have needed to go to a solicitor to have a tailor made separation agreement drawn, now you can download a separation agreement and edit for your individual requirements. We also provide explanatory and guidance notes to help you.

Separation AgreementThe Separation Agreement is suitable for married couples and those in a civil partnership, with or without children, who are looking for comprehensive, well written, legal documents to suit their needs.

What you'll get with your purchase:

Professionally drawn Separation Agreement
PLUS we give you Explanatory Notes
PLUS a Schedule of Income Assets and Liabilities
PLUS a completed fictitious example
PLUS our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Save Money!

Get a comprehensive Separation Agreement written by an experienced solicitor for a fraction of the solicitor fees you'd usually incur.


Save Time!

You'll be able to formalise your Separation arragements in no time with our simple to download and complete agreement.

Separation Contracts in word format and PDF format

The documents on Separation Agreement are available for instant download in a Microsoft WordTM or Adobe Acrobat PDF formats.

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4. Download your document, edit & use
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Separation Pack

Separation Pack - Great value for money 3 essential documents for couple who have decided that it is time to separate.

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Separation Agreement
Written by an experienced family solicitor. Save time and money.
+ Free income, assets and liabilities form!
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